Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Supercar Lifestyle Club track day

Supercar Lifestyle Club

This supercar experience has proved very popular due to the incredible value it offers.

I paid £99 and for that spent an afternoon at Mira proving ground in Warwickshire where I drove a Porsche 996 GT2, Porsche 997 GT3, Ferrari F430 and a BMW M3.

For each car I drove 3 laps and the circuit was a great mix of fast and slow corners. The instructor was happy for me to push the car as hard as I was comfortable with.

'Supercar Lifestyle' is actually a club. The experience day appears to be a marketing day for the club, hence the amazing value. What that does mean however is that you don't know for sure what cars will be there on the day - I gather that it depends on what cars the customers don't have that day. For me that was fine - I got some great cars.

The day started off with a briefing and coffee, conducted in a marquee. I was advised I'd drive the M3, GT2, GT3, F430, Atom and receive a hot lap in an Ascari.

I assumed I'd be in the M3 first - a nice starting car. But after being driven around the circuit as a sighter in an E36 M3, I was put in the GT3. But this was Oakley prepared with full racing sequential gearbox!

Fortunately I wasn't intimidated and had a few half decent laps (You Tube clip). Then the GT2 (my fav of the day) (You Tube clip). Sadly, it turned out the F430 wouldn't be running that day (not sure why).

By this time I'd realised I would have to sit through a one-on-one sales pitch for their club. Fortunately, my slot was pushed back to quite late in the day. They'd been chatting with me throughout the day and must have thought I was worth a £ or two as when I said how disappointed I was not to drive the Ferrari, they made an exception and off I went and drove the Italian marque!

All enthused it was time for the sales pitch. Sadly, this became aggressive quite quickly, and after about 20 minutes they literally walked out on me. Might have been a sales technique, I don't know, but I considered it rude and it left a bitter taste in my mouth. All I wanted was some time to think about their offer, but it was supposedly for that day only...

After that I was told the Ascari ride was off, and meanwhile the Atom was stranded on the other side of the track having ran out of fuel, but to be fair they did let me drive the M3.

All in all though, I couldn't help but feel that for £99 I had a really good driving experience. Sure, I left feeling a bit sour about the sales, but that feeling passed quick enough and looking back I'm pleased with having driven so many great cars on a great track in one day and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others.

3 September 2012

Update - looking at the website, there are some pretty good prices for car hire and driving tuition. Maybe something to look into and blog about another day...

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